Cox Gallery Art Sales


The Cox Gallery is located in the Cox Building on the 2nd floor at 2 East Second Street in downtown Maysville.

The Gallery is normally open from 12:00 to 4:00 Thursdays through Saturdays. We will open at other times by request to

Each month there is a new exhibition – for details go to the Exhibition Schedule Page.

On the first Friday of each month we hold a “First Friday” opening for the new exhibit.

Works of art by Guild Members are also available for sale.

Washington Guild Hall Art Sales

The Washington Guild Hall is at 2110 Old Main St, Washington, KY

The front part of the Guild Hall is a retail space which is normally open from 11:00 to 4:00 Tuesdays through Saturdays and 12:00 to 4:00 on Sundays, from May until Frontier Christmas.

Works of art by Guild Members are available for sale.

Sales Policies


When art work is taken into the Cox Gallery or Washington Guild Hall for sale, it is logged into the inventory Book.

Each artist with items for sale:

  • Must be a current member of ORVAG
  • Has one or more pages in the Inventory Book on which all items are listed (on separate lines)
  • Determines and notes the appropriate sales price for the item (This should be in Whole Dollar amounts unless under $2.00, and should include tax and commission – see below)

Blank copies of the inventory page are available in the gallery and Guild Hall, or a copy may be viewed here (Cox Gallery) or here (Washington Guild Hall), printed and filled out in advance.

Sales Paperwork

When the Gallery or Guild Hall is open for sales, a volunteer will be available to handle sales.  For each sale:

  • A three-part sales ticket is to be made out.
  • The ticket must include the following information
    • Name of the artist and sales price (It is OK to have more than one item on a ticket, but this information is required for EACH item
    • Date of sale
    • Check Number if a check is used for payment
  • The ticket should be signed by the person handling the sale
  • The three parts of the ticket are divided as follows:
    • The Top Copy goes to the customer
    • One Carbon Copy goes with the cash or check into a safe location for collection by the Guild Treasurer or designated person
    • One Carbon Copy goes into the sales file at the gallery
  • The person handling the sale should go to the Inventory Book and note the Sales Ticket Number against the line or lines for the items sold, and initial the entry

Wrapping supplies are available if the customer requests wrapping


Under Kentucky law, the Guild is required to charge sales tax (currently at 6%) on all art sales.

It is the Guild’s policy to charge a commission on sales made through the Guild.  This is set at 15%.  The monies earned help towards the costs of running the Guild operations, including Cox Gallery “First Fridays” and charitable events such as “Empty Bowls”.

Effective April 1, 2015, all sales prices include sales tax and commissions.  Also, since many sales are on a cash basis, pricing only in whole dollar amounts eliminates volunteers from having to make change for odd pennies.  Only a very small float is maintained at the gallery.

The table below shows how monies from sales are divided.


Sales PriceTax at 6%Commission at 15%Artist Amount


Note that the 6% tax is calculated as Sales Price x (0.06/1.06)

and the commission is calculated as (Sales Price – Tax) x 0.15